Meet Dr. Robert D'Alfonso


Dr. D’Alfonso became interested in the health care professions while attending The University of Texas at Austin. He excelled in math and science and he wanted to work directly with people. He decided on dentistry because he saw the profession as more “personal” with patients and more “mobile” as related to the mission field.

He also saw the profession beginning to emerge in the area of cosmetics. In fact an era was emerging, called by many dental professionals as the “golden age” of dentistry, where dentists could now give to their clients dentistry that they “want”, not just dentistry that they “need”.

Dr. D'Alfonso with his wife Allison, son Joseph and new addition, daughter Tenley.

Dr. D'Alfonso with his wife Allison, son Joseph and new addition, daughter Tenley.

Dr. D'Alfonso was married to his beautiful wife, Allison, on July 25, 2009.    He was blessed with the birth of his son, Joseph, on November 11, 2011, and then again with the recent birth of his daughter Tenley on May 24th, 2013. Joseph enjoys pretty much anything music-related, and loves to dance.   

Dr. D'Alfonso's Training and Certifications

Wanting to be part of this exciting new era, Dr. D’Alfonso quickly joined one of the top cosmetically oriented practices in Texas after graduating in 1998 ( Since that time, Dr D’Alfonso has spent 100′s of hours in continuing education specifically in cosmetic dentistry. Much of this education has been “hands-on”, transforming people’s smiles with porcelain veneers and crowns.

He has also spent time becoming certified with Invisalign, a system for moving misaligned teeth without metal brackets or wires. Dr. D’Alfonso realizes that teeth must be “functional” as well as “cosmetic,” and that’s why he has also studied occlusion (the way teeth come together) at several prestigious institutes and dental schools across the country, including the Pankey Institute in Key Biscayne, Florida. Other dental schools he has attended to learn “occlusion” have been in Buffalo, New York and Minneapolis, Minnesota under the direction of some of the country’s finest prosthodontic specialists.

Dr. D’Alfonso values his membership with several professional organizations including the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), of which he has been a member in good standing since 2001. He has passed a rigorous written accreditation exam and is recognized by the AACD as a “sustaining” member. Currently, there are less than five such members in the greater Austin area. This written exam was developed to test knowledge on all aspects of cosmetic dentistry to be certain that those who call themselves “cosmetic” dentists have a solid understanding of all it entails.

Dr. D'Alfonso Loves to Give Back

Dr. D’Alfonso also believes in giving back to those in unfortunate circumstances. He has been a volunteer dentist at the Montgomery County Community Clinic since 2000, where he spends time every month doing free dental work for those in need. He has also served on the Executive Board of the Community Clinic since 2003. Besides serving in the local community, Dr. D’Alfonso has also enjoyed taking several mission trips with his church to Mexico to provide care for those in need and plans to do much more of this in the future.

“I am here to help people have a better life by having a better smile.”

- Robert D’Alfonso, DDS

In dentistry Dr. D’Alfonso has become truly passionate about taking care of all his patient’s needs, especially with cosmetic procedures. He has seen first hand how it can amazingly transform a person’s life and self-esteem. He plans to do everything he can professionally and educationally to give every one of his patients the individual smile they want and desire.

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