Laser Dentistry

Historically, people have dreaded the dentist because of the possibility of teeth pain due to procedures. Laser dentistry is a new technology that takes this tooth pain away while providing a more precise surgical option for dentists. A dentist at Lakeway Center for Cosmetic and Family Dentistry in Austin is available to provide this latest technology, which is a comfortable, safe alternative to traditional dental procedures.

Dental Laser Services

Laser dentistry is used for many soft and hard tissue procedures. These include:

Laser Dentistry Candidates

Laser dentistry is a new technology that should be considered by patients in order to improve their experience with their dentist. Laser dentistry is a good option for those who suffer anxiety when they go to the dentist. It is also recommended to those who have to undergo complicated dental procedures, in order to maximize comfort, safety and healing.

How Laser Dentistry Works

Laser dentistry uses a beam of light as a tool. This beam of light provides precision and serves as an instrument to cut tissue. It is used in different ways for different procedures. When a dentist is filling a cavity or dental caries, for instance, the laser creates a bond between the tooth and filling. In teeth whitening, the laser helps to engage bleaching agents that are naturally found on the tooth to make the teeth whiter.

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

There are several benefits of laser dentistry:

  • Less painful for the patient. For instance, procedures using soft tissue dental lasers usually do not require stitches, nor do they necessitate anesthesia.
  • Because the high-energy light beam that is associated with laser dentistry, bacterial infections are minimized.
  • All of this results in minimal damage to surrounding tissues and quicker healing for wounds.

Laser dentistry is the latest technology in dentistry, and should be considered by patients facing dental procedures. If you are looking for an Austin dentist that provides laser dentistry services, contact the Lakeway Center for Cosmetic and General Dentistry today.