Dental Bonding in Lakeway

As a procedure that is inexpensive, brief and virtually painless, it is no wonder dental bonding is a popular solution to an array of dental dilemmas. Perhaps you’re thinking about closing the gap between your teeth or you need to fix a chipped tooth. Your Lakeway dentist can repair or improve the shape of your teeth using the process of dental bonding, just as a sculptor applies clay to a work of art.

Dental bonding is the ideal means for a smile makeover in Lakeway. First, your dentist applies an adhesive agent. Next, a composite resin is applied and molded. A high-intensity light hardens the composite, and after it is polished the dental bonding is complete in only one visit. Your discolored or misshapen teeth will be gone leaving a brilliant, confident smile.

While dental implants or Invisalign may be more appropriate for large structural changes, dental bonding is perfect for small cosmetic makeovers. Your Lakeway dentist can build your teeth and restore fillings affordably and conveniently. Dental bonding provides you a shapelier and contoured smile that you can be happy to show off.

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