Teeth Whitening in Lakeway

Whatever your daily lifestyle, everyone faces an unrelenting battle against forces which darken your smile. Perhaps you drink soda or coffee or wine? Let your Lakeway dentist introduce you to Zoom! teeth whitening, a safe and affordable method which will make your smile young and radiant. Zoom! teeth whitening immediately reverses staining and aging discoloration in less than an hour right here in Lakeway, Texas.

Teeth Whitening Procedure

Do-it-yourself whitening kits literally pale in comparison to a Zoom! teeth whitening application by dental professionals. The process begins by gently covering your gums, followed by a gel application designed to work with specifically designed lighting. After only three sessions of 20-minute Zoom! teeth whitening, you’ll leave your Lakeway dentist with long-lasting results and minimal impact on your wallet. Your family and friends will undoubtedly notice the remarkable difference that your dentist can make. You can have a Beverly Hills smile right here in Lakeway, Texas. What is more important for first impressions or special occasions than a beaming smile?

Teeth Whitening Benefits

Moreover, Zoom! teeth whitening is proven to be more advanced than other bleaching treatments available. Don’t be ashamed to smile in pictures or at the office; ask your Lakeway dentist about Zoom! teeth whitening, and let your superior white teeth impress your colleagues and friends.

Cosmetic dentistry procedures offer solutions to almost every dental issue; it’s difficult to find a good dentist. Whether your dentist search uses referrals, search engines, or the Yellow Pages, it takes time and effort to verify that a dentist can meet both your general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry needs. Dr. D’Alfonso is that family dentist. He specializes in implant dentistry and sedation dentistry, meeting your needs no matter what they are. Come into our Lakeway office for your free consultation today, and we’ll prove it to you.