Specialty Dentures

Restorative dentistry is a viable option for anyone, no matter their age that needs to fix their smile. Millions of Americans wear specialty dentures to improve their physical appearance and self-esteem. Lakeway Center for Cosmetic and Family Dentistry is a perfect fit for those seeking restorative dentistry procedures. The dentists at Lakeway Center for Cosmetic and Family Dentistry have years of experience in making smiles beautiful.

Benefits of Dentures

Dentures have many physical and psychological benefits:

  • Improves smiles
  • Fixes any gaps that may appear in a smile due to missing teeth.
  • Missing teeth can lead to issues for other teeth, such as premature decay and plaque. Dentures are a great solution to help ensure the health of all your teeth.
  • Improves self-esteem as people feel better themselves and more confident with a radiant smile.

Specialty Dentures Procedure

It's important that dentures fit well and don't irritate the gums. Because of this, most patients visit the dentist several times for fittings. Within the fittings, measurements are taken of the mouth, gums and jaw. The dentist will create a molding of your teeth to create the dentures, with a temporary set used to ensure the proper fit as the final specialty dentures are created.

Candidates for Specialty Dentures

Because of recent technological advances, specialty dentures are lightweight and look real. In the past, people often thought dentures were for old people who had lost their teeth. Today, specialty dentures provide solutions for people of all ages and are accessible for all.

For those who have suffered premature loss of teeth, whether from disease or from other issues, specialty dentures provide a great alternative. If you have questions about whether specialty dentures are for you, contact the qualified dentists at Lakeway Center for Cosmetic and Family Dentistry to learn more and answer your questions.

If you are considering specialty dentures or any other restorative dentistry procedure, visit Lakeway Center for Cosmetic and Family Dentistry in Austin, TX for great service and the best care.